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Somewhere in the evolution of industry from the artisan-craftsman to the global corporations of today, craftsman’s values and pride embedded in the product were lost. From products made to be everlasting, to products with planned obsolescence.

Technologies are tools; craftsman’s pride is the soul.

Implementing today’s tools while preserving millennial values is the challenge.


Structural & Seismic Testing Division

YLE GmbH Structural and Seismic Testing division provides test systems for structural and seismic testing for universities, research institutes and industry.

Seismic testing Reaction Wall - Strong Floor (RWSF) systems

Flexural testing of beams

Data acquisition systems





Fiberglass Pipe Industry Division

YLE GmbH Fiberglass Pipe Industry division is the leading supplier of testing equipment and custom machines to this industry.

Machines and Automation Systems for Fiberglass Pipe Production

Control systems for pipe winders
CNC machines for drilling and machining fiberglass pipe flanges
Custom machines

Fiberglass Pipe Testing

Mechanical testing
HDB long term hydrostatic testing
Pipeline deflection inspection
Custom test systems