Fiberglass Pipe Industry Division

YLE GmbH Fiberglass Pipe Industry division is a supplier of testing products and industrial automation solutions to the fiberglass pipe industry.

Machines and Automation Systems for Fiberglass Pipe Production

YLE collaborates with leading fiberglass pipe companies and equipment manufacturers to develop special purpose machinery and systems for production:

Control systems for pipe winders

CNC machines for drilling and machining fiberglass pipe flanges

Custom machines

Fiberglass Pipe Testing
YLE is presently the leading supplier of testing equipment to the fiberglass pipe industry, with clients including Flowtite - Amiantit group, FPI group, O-tek, Technobell, Ameron, Bondstrand, NOV FGS, Ashland, Scott Bader, Polychem and other independent companies in this sector. Products to this industry have been delivered to factories in Europe, Australia, Central Asia, China, South East Asia, India, Middle East, North Africa, Russia, South America and the USA.

Mechanical testing

Axial tensile
Hoop tensile
Flexural (bending)
Interlaminar shear strength

HDB long term testing

Pipeline deflection inspection

Custom test systems

Resin Thermal characteristics