Data Acquisition Systems in Product Testing

Stability and reliability coupled with high speed allow YLE data acquisition systems to be used in a wide range of industrial product testing, ranging from short duration cyclic tests and to long term tests lasting over one year.

ELH: Elastic Limit Hoop for Composite Pipes

ELH is a proprietary test method for determination of circumferential (hoop) elastic limit of composite and fiberglass (FRP, GRP and GRE) pipes under pressure. Test method developed by FPI B.V. This method is based on stepwise cyclic pressurizing of pipe specimens while monitoring wall strain within cyclic pressurizing steps and between pressurizing steps.
Based on client test requirements an integrated system consisting of a cyclic hydrostatic pressurizing system and data acquisition system for pressure and strain measurement was developed with software for control, monitoring analyzing and reporting test results.

TEL: Tensile Elastic Limit for Composite Pipes

TEL is a proprietary test method for determination of axial elastic limit of composite pipes under load. Developed by FPI B.V. this method is based on stepwise axial cyclic loading of longitudinal strip of composite pipe and monitoring axial strain within cyclic loading steps and between loading steps.

This test is undertaken on the YL25 UTM in conjunction with extensometer and data acquisition system. A software module for monitoring analyzing and reporting test results in accordance with client specifications.

HDB: Hydrostatic Design Basis of Fiberglass and Thermoplastic Pipes

Development of Hydrostatic Design Basis (HDB) of fiberglass pipes requires testing to periods extending from one to two years. YLE data acquisition system have proved themselves ideal for this application and in one industrial laboratory have been in use for over 12 years.