YLH series of high capacity long bed, 4-column servohydraulic load frames with load capacities of 1000 kN or 2000 kN and bed sizes of 4 or 6 meters are designed specifically for pseudo-static and cyclic flexural (bend) testing of concrete, steel and composite beams and columns. YLH testing machines are used for determining the flexural strength of concrete and steel beams when subjected to pseudo-static or cyclic loading. YLH flexural servohydraulic machines are provided with flexural (bending) testing accessories.

Installation and commissioning services include training and setting up of first test.

After sales services, include supply of additional mounting accessories, actuators, DAQ channels, and software tailoring for specific tests etc.

3-year warranty covers all equipment and systems supplied by YLE GmbH

YLH Servohydraulic load frames for flexural testing

Upgrade service for existing flexural machines