YLH servohydraulic load frames are supplied with a floor standing control panel integrating motion control, test monitoring and data acquisition system.

Modular construction allows systems expansion as test needs expand, enabling a greater number of strain gauges, LVDTs and other sensors. PC based user interface and integrated data acquisition system ensure user friendly testing and post testing data analysis.

Actuator control is provided by a state of the art high speed dedicated CNC servo-controller, enabling implementation of complex loading configurations and schemes on structure under test. PID real-time closed loop control allows for accurate position, load and loading rate and combinations thereof.

Actuator control routines allows following control schemes:

    • Displacement control
    • Velocity control
    • Force control
    • Loading rate control

User friendly test profile editor allows creation of custom loading profiles based on above control schemes or a mix thereof. Control schemes allow user a variety of simulation capabilities. The test profiles are programmed via the user friendly software delivered with system. Manual override capability during testing, such as test pause, reducing or increasing test speed.

Sensors measurement is provided by data acquisition system integrated into control system enabling powerful user-friendly operation. Data acquisition channels provided by base system are 32 and expandable to 1000 channels.

Test results are exportable to Excel for analysis and reporting, and test reports can be customized to user's preferences.