A range of dynamic actuators are offered as standard ranging from 20kN to 2,000kN; other capacities available on request.

Actuators are supplied complete with load cell, mounting accessories, servovalve, magnetostrictive position sensor, accumulators and mounting accessories.

Actuators are fatigue rated and cylinder tie rods are preloaded to beyond capacity of actuator.

For increased resistance to eccentric loads which may occur during testing, particularly at failure of structure at end of test, actuators have large rod diameter and long low friction polymer bearings.

Low friction seals for servo-hydraulic applications contribute to efficient operation due to minimal frictional pressure loss.

Actuators are delivered with hydraulic tower installed, including servovalve, accumulators, and shutoff valve. The high precision servovalves enable precise operation over a wide range of test speeds, particularly at very low test speeds which are common in structural testing.

Actuators are provided with fatigue rated high precision load cells; which in conjunction with the high resolution data acquisition system contribute to high load accuracy measurement.

Mounting accessories supplied with actuators include clevis with base for cylinder mounting to reaction wall, clevis at rod end and tie rods for load application to test structure. Mounting accessories are fatigue rated, and utilize low friction maintenance free bearings.