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Growth driven by product development methodology

All YLE products were developed on order, and in close cooperation with clients; resulting in equipment, systems and software that are distinguished by their effectiveness and user-friendliness for a specific application.

Innovative features introduced in the product are always value adding to the client, and never of the "bells and whistles" variety.

Installation and commissioning of the product undertaken by the lead product designer, strengthens the link between drawing board and actual operation of the product, thereby contributing to product enhancement.

Extended warranty policy ranging from 2 to 5 years has allowed YLE to closely monitor product performance over extended periods, providing feedback for further product development.

This product development cycle, led several YLE products to gain market leadership position within a few years of launching.

Unlimited product support policy ensures both continuous operation of YLE equipment and long term feedback to YLE design.

The above factors combined have resulted in the fact that since delivery of its first product some 20 years ago every single product delivered is still operating productively today, and is expected to remain operational well into the future. In several cases, factories have closed down, yet YLE equipment has been relocated to other factories within the same company, or resold to other companies with the assistance of YLE.

YLE products have been implemented in numerous sectors, ranging from steel mills, and cement factories, to national laboratories and dental materials testing; however the main sectors served by YLE are:

1. Structural and Seismic testing; providing test systems for civil engineering research; primarily in the fields of structural and seismic testing.

2. Fiberglass pipe industry; provides comprehensive testing equipment for the fiberglass pipe industry, and automation equipment and systems for fiberglass pipe production.