YLE GmbH provides hydrostatic test systems for both reinforced thermosetting resin pipes (FRP, GRP and GRE) and for thermoplastic pipes in conformance with relevant test standards listed below.

Reinforced Thermosetting Resin Pipes and Fittings (Fiberglass, FRP, GRP and GRE)

Pipe qualification requires determination of long term properties under pressure at a specified temperature; specifically obtaining the hydrostatic design basis of the pipe at the specified temperature. The test essentially consists of pressurizing pipes to various pressures beyond their rated pressure to obtain pipe failures spread over a period of a few hours to 1.5 years, allowing the development of a regression curve that permits extrapolation to fifty years.

Systems are available for tests at ambient temperature and high temperatures.

For fiberglass (FRP, GRP and GRE) pipes two methods of pressurization exist, static and cyclic pressurization, relevant test standards listed below:

1. Test standards for determination of HDB by static pressurization:

    • ASTM D 2992 Procedure B
    • ASTM D 1598
    • DIN BS EN 1447
    • IS 12709

2. Test standards for determination of HDB by cyclic pressurization:

    • ASTM D 2992 Procedure A
    • ASTM D 2143
    • BS EN 1638
    • IS 12709

HDB Specifications Fiberglass

Thermoplastic Pipes and Fittings

Tests systems for determination of long term strength of thermoplastic pipes and burst tests conform to requirements of standards listed below:

    • ASTM D 2837
    • ASTM D 1598
    • ASTM D 1599
    • ISO 9080
    • ISO 1167

HDB Specifications Thermoplastic