YLE collaborates with industry to design and develop custom machines and automation systems for addressing specific problems or bottlenecks in production.

Fittings cutting and grinding machine

This machine was developed exclusively for Flowtite Technology AS to address the following problems in fitting production process:

  • Health hazard: Dust generated during cutting and grinding of pipes to manufacture fittings may cause silicosis.
  • Costly: Low productivity manual operation
  • Physically demanding work: Difficult to recruit labor in some regions

Features of the fittings cutting and grinding machine

  • Dustless cutting
  • Dustless grinding
  • 7-axis CNC supplants manual dexterity needed for surface matching of complex shapes
  • Marking mating points to facilitate fittings assembly
  • CAD/CAM to implement complex geometries with ease
  • Capacity: 4 m diameter, 12 m long, 20 ton pipes
  • Cutting speed: up to 2000 mm/min
  • Grinding rate: up to 15m2/h
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5mm