YLE GmbH offers the DT range of pipe deflectometers for on-site inspections of pipe deflection.

Laser triangulation measurement is used providing non-contact, accurate readings. The compact probe unit consisting of laser sensors, embedded controller, onboard PC, wireless transmitter, CCTV, and Lithium-Ion battery pack, is capable of traveling through pipes of DN 200. Probe unit is pulled through pipe logging pipe deflection and travel.

PC software is supplied for monitoring and reporting. Reports include pipe deflection, vertical and horizontal diameters along pipe length. Measurements and reporting conform to requirements of following test standards:

    • ASTM D 3567
    • ASTM D 3839
    • ASTM F 1216

The small size, reduced number of moving parts and solid state measuring system contribute to make the DT a highly reliable and accurate system.

A CCTV camera provides a photographic record of each pipe inspection, enabling visual examination of pipe and detection of any anomalies. Test data files are encrypted to meet tamper-proof requirement.

3-year warranty covers all equipment and systems supplied by YLE GmbH

DT pipe deflectometer features include:

  • User friendly operation.
  • Unlimited pipeline section lengths may be inspected.
  • Photographic record of pipe inspection generated.
  • Wide range of pipe diameters: DN 200 to 1200 mm.
  • Tamper proof encrypted test data files.
  • Accurate readings obtained by laser triangulation.
  • High precision resulting in a "finger-printing" of pipes.
  • Reliability of multilayer-redundancy design.
  • High inspection productivity.

DT pipe deflectometer software modules include:

  • Pipe data input module: For storing pipe data and specifications and allowable deflection limits.
  • Test Configuration Module: Selection of measurement frequency and reports.
  • Test Monitoring Module: Continuous real time monitoring and graphical display deflection vs. distance. Automatic storage of acquired data on hard disk, following predefined logging schedule. Optional display of CCTV "movie" on same environment.
  • Report Generation Module: Min/Max readings, effective cross section, ovality calculation. Printouts including graphical plots, data points and test parameters. Test report templates may be easily customized using Microsoft Excel.

DT 1200W Specifications