Since 2001 YLE filament winder control systems have proven themselves as reliable, user-friendly high performance systems for fiberglass pipe production.

Control systems for both continuous and discontinuous pipe filament winders are supplied to OEMs and to fiberglass pipe companies who wish to upgrade their existing machines with YLE control systems.

Flexible scope of delivery can encompass refurbishment of control hardware or entire machine installation.

Features of YLE control systems for pipe filament winders include:

  • HMIs are used wherever timely information needs be conveyed to the operators
  • High speed rugged industrial PCs and PLCs are used in all stages of the control system
  • Modular and distributed architecture allowing interfacing with different existing production machines
  • Flexible hardware modules capable of actuating legacy components and latest state of the art technologies
  • User friendly software allows operators to focus on the process instead of the machine operation
  • Highly customizable definitions capable of interfacing with most composite pipe building processes.
  • Databases are used to store definitions as well as production data
  • Recipes saved in data base for quick access
  • Machine activity is constantly logged in files accessible to supervisors and maintenance personnel
  • All events and user interventions saved in a log file for ease of troubleshooting
  • May be accessed from company network for programming, printing, remote supervision, etc.
  • Production reports including material consumption are generated and are tailored to client requirements.
  • On-screen simulation for time estimate and calculation of material requirements
  • 3-year warranty covers YLE control systems