YLE GmbH provides equipment, accessories and software modules to cover the complete range of mechanical testing required for fiberglass (FRP, GRP and GRE) pipes, namely:

    • Axial tensile testing (ATS)
    • Hoop tensile testing (HTS)
    • Pipe Stiffness testing (STIS)
    • Flexural testing
    • Interlaminar shear strength testing (ILSS).
    • Compression testing

YltestS software

All test equipment are computerized operating under YltestS software, and provided with PCIQA, YLE GmbH's proprietary laboratory information management system developed specifically for the fiberglass pipe industry.

PCIQA brings archived laboratory data to life, transforming a dormant database into a value adding knowledge base. This is undertaken by integrating results from various tests into a database, providing search and filter capability and enabling export of filtered data to statistical analysis software packages such as Excel or other statistical analysis software. Database may be further expanded using Manual Data Entry Modules to incorporate a wide array of information deemed relevant by client. PCIQA features include:

Data mining and filtering criteria: An extensive search capability has been introduced to filter database based on:

Production date
Production lots
Production line or method.
Additional criteria can be introduced by user as needed, such as: resin supplier, shift, winding machine, etc.

Data mining and filtering features:

Search engine accepts incomplete fields.
Results are statistically aggregated.
Filtered data can be saved to Excel or other spreadsheet software.

Data Analysis:

Further sorting or filtering can be undertaken using Excel or other spreadsheet software.
Statistical analysis of filtered data can then be undertaken using Excel or other analysis tools, to perform Hypothesis testing, Analysis of Variance, Correlation and Multiple Linear Regression etc.

Manual Data Entry Modules: Modules can be provided for manual data entry into PCIQA database, such as:

Visual inspection results.
Non computerized test results, such as LOI, Barcol hardness, Specific Gravity, Water absorption etc.
Raw material information
Production info, such as production shift, production line, etc.
Design info not included in PCIQA, such as number of layers, pipe composition etc.

PCIQA is a tool made available to the user; its power is only limited by scope of data collected. As an example if material supplier info is entered into the system, possible differences between suppliers my analyzed. Thus PCIQA has the potential to benefit several aspects of production including Purchasing, R&D and Product Development.

YLE GmbH equipment for mechanical testing, allow preforming tests in compliance with following test standards:

ISO 178, ISO 527, ISO 604, ISO 7685, ISO 8513, ISO 8521, ISO 10466, ISO 14130, EN 178, EN 1226, EN 1228, EN 1393, EN 1394, EN 14130, ASTM D 638, ASTM D 2105, ASTM D2412, ASTM D 2344, ASTM D 695, ASTM D 790, ASTM D 5934, DIN 178, DIN 1228, DIN 1226, DIN 1393, DIN 1394, DIN 14130, DIN16868-2, DIN 53769-3, BS 1394, BS 14130, DVGW 24-hour, DVGW 100-hour 

1 Initial specific ring stiffness
2 3 and 4 point bending