Two-point and three point flexural (bending) tests are undertaken on the YL25 universal testing machine (UTM) with appropriate test fixture and software module.

Flexural testing fixture has adjustable span, and is supplied with a set of loading noses and supports having different radii to meet test standard requirements for a variety of test specimen thicknesses.

Test fixture, conditions and software module allow performing tests in conformance with the following test standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 178
  • ASTM D 790
  • ASTM D 5934

Flexural test determines the following properties in accordance with above selected test standard:

  • Flexural strength, N/mm2 (lbf/in2)
  • Flexural strain, %
  • Flexural modulus, N/mm2 (lbf/in2) (in conjunction with deflectometer)